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About Devine Systems

Devine Systems started back in 1987 in a similar fashion to the way most computers companies had their beginnings. While many have come and gone, Devine Systems remains a staple for small business and IT departments throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Innovation, passion and a vision for the future of personal computing and networked environments motivated John Devine to hang a shingle outside his small office in those days.

Our history is more than a story of success. Through the decades, we've fine-tuned our capabilities, delivering first-class IT environments, managing the needs of the small business, or extending the abilities of an entire IT department. Our history has forged superior customer service and response times, first-class networked environments, and a reputation for reliable PC's and servers customers continue to operate and upgrade to year after year.

About / Mission 

Devine Systems mission has focused in on one area of expertise to help the small business and IT professional realize first-class IT environments.

You're a small business... You've got better things to do than IT.
While many IT firms are fixated on dealing with the largest IT environment they can find, one earned reputation continues to drive us is our knowledge of the small business IT environment. As a small business you're often juggling responsibilities. At times you're both the office manager and the IT department, the president and technical support. Devine Systems helps you stay focused on your core business without having to wear the IT hat, eliminating the stress of keeping up with appropriate technologies, or the need to build up your staff.

You're an IT professional... expand your capabilities with Devine Systems.
As an IT professional, you don't have better things to do than IT. Your probably swimming in it. Expand your capabilities with Devine Systems. We know what it's like to build and maintain sophisticated networks. It demands a lot of knowledge, and at times, a lot of stress. We make life easier for IT professionals. For over 25 years we have partnered with IT professionals in the design, engineering and management of first-class IT environments. Complete IT by increasing your brainpower and capabilities with the deep roster, certifications, and on-going partner support and resources of Devine Systems.

To learn how we can assist in building you a first-class IT environment, contact our consultant group at 603.626.3400.


About / People

At Devine Systems, hiring and maintaining a staff of certified and knowledgeable professionals is only half of the success equation for Devine Systems. The other half is attracting passionate people. Passion has and always will serve our clients well. Visit or call our offices and you'll see what our customers mean when they say, "They are a great group of people."

Technology, strategy, hardware and software change daily. The IT environment you're sitting in today, will look different tomorrow. Our people here embrace this change and assist our clients in determining how and when they should embrace it as well.


About / Partners 

At Devine Systems we understand that our engineers deserve all the training, experience and vendor support we can give them. We maintain all of the necessary technical and partner certifications to ensure that our partners will give us the support and solutions that our customers and engineers need. Some examples of these strategic partnerships and certifications include: