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Devine Systems partners with the leading solution vendors in the industry to protect your computers and networks. We will help you design the appropriate best practices, policies and procedures to take your IT to the next level. From full Managed Services, to virtualization, to moving your business into the Cloud, Devine Systems is here to be your Complete IT solution provider.


 Managed Services

Managed Services through Devine Systems provides a simple means to protect and support your network at a predictable cost year in and year out. Our Managed Services options free you to focus on growing your business, and help you to maximize profits. Our packages offer support, monitoring, and reporting tailored to meet your desired level of protection; from reactive to proactive.


With the growing popularity of virtualization, companies are able to streamline their IT infrastructure by allowing single servers to do the job of multiple systems. By utilizing virtual server technology (Microsofts HyperV, VMWare, and VirtualBox), the number of physical servers can be greatly reduced, leading to significant savings and IT simplicity.


Network Security

Devine Systems offers a full range of services to keep your network running secure and current with regulations. We partner with industry leaders such as SonicWALL and Symantec to provide you with first-class software and equipment. From firewalls, to Anti-Virus/Malware, to intrusion prevention, Devine Systems will provide the network security solution you are seeking.



 In the Cloud

Whether you are a small business with a several of computers, a mid-size business with part-time IT staff or a large company with multiple locations, Devine Systems has a growing variety of services "in the cloud" to meet your specific technology needs.



Data Backup and Recovery

Should a disaster strike your business, the key to how quickly (and if) a business will recover is the effectiveness of its Disaster Recovery plan. Data that is unrecoverable, can equal thousands of hours of lost work and revenue. Devine Systems is here to assist you in creating a complete and testable Disaster Recovery plan. We utilize tools ranging from online backup, data centers and Symantec Backup Exec. We will create for you a solution sized to meet the availability needs of your individual business.